Fundraising – St. Jude Raiders

Ruth Hurrle, organizer of a recent fundraiser for the St. Jude Raiders football club, was pleased with how well the customized sports decals from performed as a fundraising product, but what really stood out for her was the service she received. “The customer service sets this company apart from others,” says Hurrle. “Lorrie deserves to be recognized for her outstanding level of professionalism and high customer service.”

The Raiders were looking to raise some extra money for tackling dummies and discovered the customized fundraising products at “Price, the ability to customize and speed” prompted the club to work with They found the response to the products was “amazing! People love the decals!”

When using a 6″ decal as a fundraising product groups will sometimes price the item at $12.99.  At this price point groups can make up to $7.50 in profit per item depending on the volume of decals sold.

  • Selling 50 decals at $12.99 would yield a profit of $5.00 per unit for a total of $250.00.
  • Selling 150 decals would yield a profit of $5.50 per unit for a total of $825.00.
  • Selling 300 decals would yield a profit of $7.50 per unit generating $2,250.00.

When asked what tip the team might offer to a new fundraiser the response was to “use… they are amazing! Also, have firm deadlines that are several days ahead of actual deadlines to assist with issues that arise.”

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