Fundraising – Firebaugh High School Eagles

The Firebaugh High School Eagles volleyball team has plenty of fundraising experience. Each year the team fundraises to help the girls pay for things like shoes, socks and team shirts. Over time the team has used a variety of fundraising strategies to raise money, from holding car washes to selling candy bars and candles, so we asked them how selling customized products from compared.

When the team initially discovered the customized products from they felt they were unique items that would sell very well and support school spirit. Over the years the Eagles have sold decals, magnets, wall signs and yard signs, and each year they have enjoyed a good response to the customized offerings. The team says, “ made fundraising easy. The athletes and parents love that they can personalize their individual items and it was easy for the girls on our team to carry the order paper with them unlike candy sales where they have to carry the items around in a box.”

Asked if they would recommend products from as a fundraiser the response was “yes, definitely!” Customized products from are “easy, self-selling items” and with the no inventory fundraising option there are no upfront costs, “you pay for what you order and keep your profit immediately.”

When using a 6″ decal as a fundraising product groups will often price the item around $11.99.  At this price point groups can make up to $6.50 in profit per item depending on the volume of decals sold.

  • Selling 50 decals at $11.99 would yield a profit of $4.00 per unit for a total of $200.00.
  • Selling 100 decals would yield a profit of $4.50 per unit for a total of $450.00.
  • Selling 250 decals would yield a profit of $6.50 per unit generating $1,625.00.

One tip the team has for other groups who use products from as their fundraiser is to make sure to let people know they can personalize the colors, names and even athlete numbers. The design may look a certain way on the sample sheet but it can be customized to meet personal preferences.

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